Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Product Review: La Pasta Ravioli and Sauce

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of La Pasta. All opinions are 100% mine. 

La Pasta, located in Silver Spring, MD, specializes in fresh homemade pastas and sauces.  I was beyond excited to see that they offer gluten-free varieties made fresh.  Gluten-free product lines have come a long way in general, but I still find that ravioli and speciality pasta are harder to come by--especially fresh (never frozen).

La Pasta was kind enough to send over some of their products for us to try. We were excited to begin with (I don't remember the last time we had ravioli, to be honest), and the products completely exceeded our expectations.

What was sent to us was a package of fresh gluten-free cheese ravioli, and a jar of their homemade marinara sauce. 

It made for a very easy meal to prepare. The ravioli just need to be boiled and the sauce simply needed to be heated up. I was impressed with the texture of the ravioli overall. Most other gluten-free filled pastas we have tried pretty much fall apart once they hit the boiling water. These kept their shape and the filling stayed inside! 

 I heated the sauce through and drained the ravioli and put them together. I was already impressed by the ravioli... but the sauce! Wow. It was sweet, tangy, zesty, and chunky... and it made every other jar of tomato sauce I've ever had taste bad. The combination was delicious. I had some shaved parmesan in the fridge that I added on top. 

As you can see in the picture, they stayed together perfectly. They were fresh, full of flavor, and a real treat because this is something we can't find in stores near us. 

I would definitely recommend La Pasta pasta products and sauces based on this meal. We were thoroughly impressed. They produce the following GF pasta varieties:
Four Cheese Ravioli (pictured), Spinach & Cheese Ravoli, Mushroom Ravioli, Bucatini, Fettuccine  and Linguine. 

Currently, La Pasta does not ship directly to consumers. They will be looking into this more this following year. For now, however, here is a list of stores they are placed in:
-Gelsons Mrk
-Mothers Market
-Frazier Farms
-Jensens Mrks 
-United Supermarkets
-Central Market
-Various WF Southern California
-WF Mid Atlantic
-Treasure Island
-Mrs Greens
-Some smaller and independent chain stores
 If you see their products in a store near you, definitely give them a try! You will be glad that you did. Delicious!

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